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About the Project

Time flies, everyone misses the days of Saturday morning cartoons. We are firm believers in the idea that the kid in all of us is still present and we all deserve to express it as we wish. The world of NFTs is so prevalent due to the nostalgia we all feel from the things we miss in our childhood. Let’s continue to dream big and keep our head in the clouds.


Mintpass, giveaways, irl activations, grant fund, fan art collab collection, launchpad, tv show and more tba

Our thoughts & valuation

"Cartoons look like a solid project, still some weeks away from mint at the time of writing. Very high levels of community engagement both on Twitter and in the Discord which is closed for now. The artwork is decent even if it lacks real originality. The fact that the entire team is 100 percent doxxed, that the roadmap is ambitious but not unrealistic and that the community is tight knit makes me very bullish on this project. /dresendash"

- dresendash, NFT Scout Analyst




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