Gooniez Gang

From the minds behind X-Men

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  • Pre-sale date: February 23, 2022
  • Release date: August 16, 2022
  • Artist: Unknown
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About the Project

Your unique NFTs will be your Avatar in our Gooniez Gang racing game. The beta version will launch in Q3 2022, all game assets have been in development for 4 months.

The Gooniez community will vote to choose 4 NFTs from the collection to turn into 3D collectibles. These collectibles will be limited, some gifted while some are sold only to our holders.

The Gooniez Gang merch store will unlock multiple drops over the year. 25% of all sales proceeds will be added to the Gooniez community wallet. This wallet will be dedicated to funding the Gooniez Gang community functions.

Own your Gooniez OBJ and FBX files. These files will be handed over to you with all intellectual property rights to your character.

$GANG our in-game token! More information on this will be announced, stick around!

As the Gooniez gang takes over the metaverse, our cameras will be there to capture all the action. Our animated series will provide you with an in-depth look at the Gooniez origin and story leading up to the game. SERIES HINT: other NFT projects beware - we are coming to cause CHAOS!

Exclusive experience for token holders! Soon after mint, there will be a raffle for some round trips with our holders to meet the team, record the content and a lot more!

The Gooniez Gang racing game will take the Meta-verse by storm. Choose your customized vehicle with your Gooniez character and battle it out on the race track backed by Web 3.0 technology. Using layer 2 solutions and a play to earn eco system you can earn points and coins in exchange for weapons and a decked out car while playing.


Gooniez is a Metaverse NFT, combined with gaming, more specifically a play to earn eco system.

Our thoughts & valuation

"Gooniez is another Metaverse project. The art quality is high and they have marketed their project very well so far. While Gooniez will not hold much more value besides being an NFT avatar and a collectible, I predict that it will have a high market price because the team is great at hyping the project."

- Andreas, NFT Scout Analyst





Total HypeMeter Score: 9.5