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  • Pre-sale date: February 24, 2022
  • Release date: Unknown
  • Artist: @jpegenthusiast_
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About the Project

Why join HYPEBEARS Club?
Most importantly, it would be the exclusive private community you will be a part of. We are sure that there will be many of you and only some will get to be holders. But a few things are certain:

Apart from the community, it would be this voyage that we will be on together. Im sure it's going to be a memorable one.

We want you to be a part of our journey and we know that we can’t do it alone. We want you to share in the future adventures we will have. We will do our best to include everyone as we go along.

Long message short, if you love our art and our long term goals, we welcome you to shape the future with us. BUT if you're looking to make quick profits by getting a HYPEBEAR, this is not for you.

Roadmap: 1/5 HYPEBEARS Social Club
Being a holder of #HYPEB grants you a members-only benefit club where exclusive perks will be given. This includes hidden channels in Discord (Alphas dropped personally by the Founder which has done exceptionally well) as well as real world utilities

Roadmap: 2/5 HYPEBank ($HYPEB)
50% of all royalties goes to this vault and a governance token will be introduced. As a Blue-Chip driven project, we would want to associate ourselves with Blue Chips.

Royalties will be used to purchased projects such as Doodles, MAYC, WEBB3, WOW and what not. These NFTs will end up in our HYPEBank which can be purchased by holders + stakers only.

This will ensure that you pay NO curator fees and only a small platform fee! What a huge discount! 50% of all platform fees go back to stakers of $HYPEB and the other 50% into development

Roadmap: 3/5 Staking
With a governance token introduced, one of the ways to earn more $HYPEB is by staking them (this gives you access to the HYPEBANK)! A staking UI will be created, everything will be accessible on our website.

Roadmap: 4/5 PFP Mint
We all know how hot Profile Pictures (PFPs) are in this space. All holders of #HYPEBEARS will be able to mint a free 1:1 PFP after launch. No extra supply will be created.

Roadmap: 5/5 Merchandise
Last but not least, the merchandise! With such beautiful art (hope i dont sound like im bragging), we need to be able to show the world!

Rock HYPEBEARS in your favorite hoodies, pullovers and what not! Also purchasable with $HYPEB only.


HYPEBEARS Club is a combination of 3D art that can be used in games and Metaverse, together with real world utilities.

Our thoughts & valuation

"Hypebears is made by @jpegenthusiast_, who is a famous doodler. Having his massive crowd of followers as a marketing channel gives this project a close to 100% chance to succeed. @jpegenthusiast_ is very skilled, and the NFT is both high quality and fun. I would personally invest in this project"

- Andreas, NFT Scout Analyst





Total HypeMeter Score: 9.6