Kitty Crypto Gang

7997 Badass Kitties NFTs

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  • Pre-sale date: Unknown
  • Release date: Unknown
  • Artist: Nicolas Morel & Amandine Comes.
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About the Project

The collection of 7997 Badass Kitties NFTs is made by Nicolas Morel and Amandine Comes. Two French artists living in Australia and working for Marvel, Netflix, Disney, Warner, the DC universe among others.

Each NFT is unique and rendered in 3D Artwork with a collection of more than 200+ traits. It is one of the most variated 3D NFT collections on the market.

All holders of a Kitty Crypto Gang NFT will have access to a secret project: We have signed NDAs, so we cannot reveal much... But we can say that this project has been in the making for 6 months with a team of 60 people involved. They are all leaders in their domains, ranging from city development, video production, and graphic design.


This is a high-quality collection of NFTs made for Metaverse. There will be a bunch of IRL and online perks by holding one of these NFTs.

Our thoughts & valuation

"The designers behind these NFTs are experienced and skilled. The team is excellent at hyping it, and the community is very active. All in all, it seems like this project will have a very successful launch."

- Andreas, NFT Scout Analyst



Art Quality


Total HypeMeter Score: 9.8