Monster Ape Club

3D hand-drawn Monster Apes

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  • Artist: N-hance Studio
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About the Project

The world meets monsters

The best 3D artists, designers, marketers, and influencers have made an incredible contribution to creating a high-quality NFT project that opens the door to the wonderful world of the metaverse.
You could see the work of our team of artists in the most famous games from Blizzard, which won the hearts of millions of people across the world. It is also important for us to create a strong community to develop the Monster Ape Club.

Monster Metaverse

The uniqueness and limited supply of the Monster Ape Club collection will impress any NFT enthusiast and NFT collector.
Now, more than 100,000 people from all over the world have gathered in our Discord.
Each Monster Ape is a masterpiece and your ticket to a unique metaverse of monsters.
The high quality of our art will allow you to use the Monster Ape the way you want, whether in the Metaverse or games.

Tribute to the NFT apostles
We all love apes and respect the projects that are now leaders in the NFT world - BAYC and MAYC.
That is why we decided to prepare a gift for you...
All Monster Ape holders will have a fantastic opportunity to participate in the drawing of one NFT of the BAYC and MAYC, which they can get FREE!

Exclusive merch

The Monster Ape Club collection moves to a new level and goes beyond the Metaverse…
Now members of our club have a way to excel!
We will create a branded collection of clothes, high-resolution posters with legendary Monster Apes, and 3D Monster Ape figures available to all members of the MAC.
The quality of MAC merch will not be inferior to world-famous brands

Exclusive Monster Ape Holders Club

The MAC team appreciates Monster Ape holders and collectors.
There are going to be parties around the world for them with the opportunity to meet with celebrities and other MAC holders.
We are sure you will have a great time because you will all be united by your love for NFTs and monsters!

Monsters capture the hearts of NFT collectors

Monster Apes have risen to the top of the NFT! But we will not stop there...
Other monster animals join the Metaverse.
Everyone will have a chance to mint NFT from the new collections, but the privileges will go to Monster Ape owners.


Each Monster Ape is a masterpiece and your ticket to a unique metaverse of monsters. It can also be used in games.

Our thoughts & valuation

"Monster Ape Club is a classic 3D Metaverse/game NFT. It has high potential because the artwork is good and the team behind the project is great at marketing. I have no doubt that investing in this project will result in a small profit at the very least."

- Andreas, NFT Scout Analyst




Total HypeMeter Score: 9.8