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About the Project

A Phunky Fungi pops out of the soil and looks at the vast world around him. He spends his days spreading his spores and sharing his love with the mycelium network. Until one day he feels the earth shake from giants stomping around. The largest of them looms over him and blocks out the sun. The little Fungi watches in terror as the other Fungi he had come to call his parents are ripped from the earth and devoured before his very eyes. In that moment of terror, he managed to sprout a little pair of mushroom legs and ran for his life.

After traveling for what felt like hours, he finally stopped to rest. In his state of disbelief, he mourned his parent's death and wondered why the giants would have eaten them. See, all he knew was the sharing with and caring of others through the mycelium network. He had no idea of other ways of life. The little Fungi didn't know any other way to be. He was such a caring being that he couldn't choose a path of violence. He made a vow that day to spread love and joy, instead of anger. He chose to teach the giants the way of the mycelium network.

He was lost traveling looking for help when he realized the one thing that has always been there for him, mycelium network. He reached down, touched the earth, closed his eyes, slowed his breath and focused. Suddenly he felt something, small flutters of energy. He began to see the path of energy spread and form grass. Then up to the bush and to the tree. Until he could see the whole forest around him shinning as beams of energy. He noticed an immense amount of energy flowing toward the north. He opened his eyes and began to make his way towards it. He continued to follow the energy for miles until he came to a clearing with a great tree. Around the base of the tree were other Fungi. he learned from them, that they had had a similar experience to his own ad followed the energy here.

Suddenly, a mushroom with a giant glowing staff, tall pointy hat and large book emitting energy appeared. He expressed to the that he too had been through a horrible ordeal many years ago and found this great tree of energy through the mycelium network. he gathered everyone around and began to tell a tale of a Phunky Forest in another dimension that was full of love and knowledge existed. That this was where the energy they felt was flowing from. He told them it was treacherous adventure to say the least, but if they could fight their way through and survive they would return with knowledge and love powerful enough to change the world. He exclaimed to them that if they were brave enough and had enough courage to train themselves, he would show the the way through the tree into the portal to the land of the Phunky Forest.

Roadmap part 1: Karma is Key

Positive deeds, actions and intent fuel us with the right energy needed to embark on our never ending journey into the metaverse. It is important for us to kick off our magical adventure with a gift that will provide healing for frens lost in the dark.

As a community it is our duty to facilitate exploration into uncharted territory in all aspects of life. We are voyagers and explorers.

We’d like to ensure the progression of psychedelic exploration to heal the soul and mind. Thus, we’ve donated an initial gift to Johns Hopkins Psychedelics and have pledged 6 figures toward psychedelic research and psilocybin therapies following our mint.

Roadmap part 2: Phunkadelic Threads

Deep in the Phunky Forest, the Fungi (with the help of Flowercheyld and Disrupting Nirvana), have been working on a physical collection of elevated pieces and objects to bring into the physical world. Legend tells the tale of a shop located deep in the Phunky Forest containing this physical merch. The location is only known by Phunky Fungi and their holders.

Roadmap part 3: DAO
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are an incredible way for our community to help create value and increase the benefits of being a holder of a Phunky Fungi NFT. Just like a spore, most good ideas need resources to ensure growth. The ultimate goal of our DAO will be to provide funding to our community so they can turn ideas into action.

Roadmap part 4: Web 3.0 Incubator (Invest in Community Led Project)

As a colony we are always looking to grow and expand. Some times it is best to divide and conquer to reach our highest form. In order to continue the Mycelial Expansion we will be creating a Web 3.0 incubator. The goal of the incubator will be to provide a team of our spores with the knowledge, funding and resources to go out and create a project of their own. A healthy mushroom colony is one that provides abundance to all life within it and around it.

Roadmap part 5:Enter the Metaverse

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift in which the minutes of our lives spent in the metaverse will soon outweigh minutes spent in the physical world. This is exciting and scary all at once. As humanity transcends into this new meta we must create a sanctuary that encompasses all things positive in the universe.

Roadmap part 6: Psychedelic Sanctuary

Decentraland, Sandbox and Somnium Space are all platforms that we are considering for the location of our colony’s headquarters. Heck we may even setup shop on all three! Colony scouts are hard at work identifying ideal parcels with rich soil to begin the growth of our Forest.

Roadmap part 7: Meta-Threads

Phunkadelic Threads don’t only belong in the physical world, they belong in the digital world as well. Our Meta-Threads will allow you to get just as Phunky in the metaverse as you do in the physical, no community member will go without some metaverse drip!

Roadmap part 8: The Phunky Forest

The Phunky Forest is a universe that will start as a single player experience filled with psychedelic vibrations and harmonizing beats for members of our colony to enjoy with their Phunky Fungi. As AR & VR capabilities become more readily available we will be expanding the forest into a fully immersive universe with endless possibility.


Metaverse, real life events, DAO and more!

Our thoughts & valuation

"Phunky Fungi has awesome art without a doubt, sadly the team hasn't been revealed yet which makes it lose a lot of credibility. We often see a late team release, that might be the case here as well. They have a nice storyline as you can see in the description, the utility is good too."

- Andreas, NFT Scout Analyst





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