The war has begun.

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  • Pre-sale date: February 4, 2022
  • Release date: Unknown
  • Artist: @michael_weisheim
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About the Project

Roadmap: 01

NFTs artwork rendering

We worked for several months on the conception, research and development of a design that surpassed anything we had seen before. Michael Weisheim's creative mind allowed us to develop a high quality and detailed rendering
with over 15 years of experience in the field of 3D rendering. Every detail of the NFTs has been modelled by hand and with the utmost precision.

Website & Mockup building

On the internet, your website is your only weapon of seduction, we have chosen to put a lot of effort into the design of a graphic model realized by webdesign professionals. We are happy to present you TRONWARS through this
web showcase. You can find all the useful links that will direct you to our social networks.

Community growth & Marketing

The goal is to create a tight and dedicated community to support TronWars.
This is why we will allocate a substantial marketing budget to impact a maximum of people on our vision of the TronWars project.
TronWars will be in the spotlight for a while. Our soldiers will win, thanks to you !

Roadmap: 02

Launch date: February 4th

As you can see, we have been deliberately vague about the launch date of the mint phase. We don't want to rush into it and believe that
building an organic community early is crucial for the future of the project.
The mint phase will take place on the 4th of February.

Partnerships with exclusive artists to be disclosed

After the launch we want to get as much media coverage as possible, we have several artists in mind in the
the crypto-currency scene, physical art and the metaverse. The exhibition and the partnerships acquired will propel the TRONWARS
project to the centre of attention in the NFT community, holders will consequently benefit from a constant upward pressure and a gain in value of the NFTs they hold.

A very precisely designed "Babytrons" collection will be created and airdrop to TRONS holders

To reward TRON holders, a new collection will be distributed for free. Each "BabyTron" will be just as detailed as the original collection.
We will start the distribution a few weeks after the market launch of TronWars.
Distribution will be random, so a common Tron holder may well receive a legendary Babytron.
The goal is to bring a new touch of art to those who deserve it.

Roadmap: 03

Full size 3D printing of TRONS characters for legendaries NFTs holders

In exclusivity, each holder of legendary will receive their NFT in human size of very high quality.
This type of rendering requires a lot of work to achieve a quality as high as our collection, that's why they will be available in limited quantities.
Our 3D designer Michael Weisheim is closely working with 3D printing partners as well as painting artists to give the most realistic renders.

DAO infrastructure building

We believe that the democratic system is one of the best ways for a united community to move forward.
This is why we wish to make available to TRON holders the possibility to participate in the future evolution of the TRONWARS project via a DAO system.
This DAO system will allow you to give direction to the technical, economical and commercial aspects of the project.
Holding a TRON NFT means ensuring that you are fully involved in the community in which you find yourself.

Holders investment backers program

By holding a TronWars NFT you will have access to our private investment program.
If you want to start an entrepreneurial project, purchase real estate or any other type of project related to the blockchain world,
we will be there to support you with a substantial capital contribution and we will put you in touch with our most prestigious partners.
This investment backers program can be a real opportunity for your future projects and give them the boost they need at the beginning.
Launching an entrepreneurial project also means knowing how to surround yourself with beneficial people and with a vast network of knowledge.

Roadmap: 04

Private events & Seminars for TRONS holders

In this world where the consumer society plays a huge role, networking is one of the most important things to build solid and sustainable projects over time.
TronWars NFT holders will have access to all our private events in the most prestigious locations and will be able to discuss, exchange and converse with people who have the same ambitions.
As they say, you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most, get in touch with wealthy people, learn from their mistakes and listen to their advice and you'll have a great chance of becoming like them.

TRONS implementation into Metaverse ecosystem

As you know, the metaverse is taking a new dimension this year, its democratization is surprising many people and we want to be fully involved in this evolution in the world of blockchain and NFTs.
That's why we want to give a video game dimension to our creations and allow them a big exposure in the metaverse through different partners.
Without doubt one of the most challenging parts that we will approach with great care and reflection.


3D art with video game dimensions, allows them a big exposure in the Metaverse through different partners.

Our thoughts & valuation

"Tronwars has something we rarely see: A throughout roadmap with a lot of thought behind it. That will give this project a significant edge for long-term investors. The only worry I have personally is the art. There is a lot of these robot-style projects coming out at the start of 2022."

- Andreas, NFT Scout Analyst





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