Voyagers: Unknown

Time Travelers for Metaverse

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  • Artist: Christian Yulmanova
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About the Project

Imagine a world without boundaries. A place where anything and everything is possible. It is not every day that you come across a group of people who have the ability to travel through time and space. But, there are actually 5,000 individuals known as Voyagers out on their journey into the unknown - with each one pro- grammed uniquely into existence. Now imagine your own personal passport for this adventure - a redeemable document that will grant benefits such as exploring new worlds or even changing history itself. What if you could be a Voyager and explore the multiverse?

Here is the team behind Voyagers: Unknown.

Christian Yulmanova:

Lionel Nkee:

Espen Myran:


All 3D models from the Voyagers: Unknown project will be available in Metaverse.

Our thoughts & valuation

"Voyagers: Unknown brings some of the highest quality art we have seen so far. Sadly the only utility is Metaverse, but I believe that will not affect the floor price. All team members are released, and they seem very talented."

- Andreas, NFT Scout Analyst





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